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The following are some external resources.



John Deas Photography
John Deas is a friend and fellow photographer living and working in North Carolina.  He sells fine art photographs on his website.  He also offers one and multiday photographic workshops covering North Georgia Waterfalls and The Outer Banks of North Carolina.  This fall (2020) he will be offering a workshop covering parts of The Blue Ridge Parkway.  Private workshops are also available.

Seibel Photography
We recently combined the two business websites into one and now John Seibel Photography is the only active website.  Soon we'll begin to include more information about the commercial side of our business here.  If anyone still has the Seibel Photo website link it will bring you to this site.  We can cover any type of business, we tend to specialize in architectural photography - interior and exterior, commercial and residential properties.  

John Seibel Photography SmugMug
In January 2020 we signed up for a SmugMug account with the sole purpose to offer a wider array of our fine art photos for sale over the internet.  This is a long-term project and we are probably only one-third of the way through the extensive work of both customizing the website with applicable text but also selecting and uploading the images into thematic galleries.  Even if you aren't interested in purchasing physical prints it has a far greater number of images from a wider range of locations than can be showcased on this website so I would encourage you to go there and take a look.  As always, if you are looking for something specific and don't see it there please Contact Me and I'll let you know if I have something that matches your interests.  

The Bowen Center for the Arts
A great local treasure located in Dawsonville, Georgia.  The Center hosts several visual art shows each year, occasionally performing arts, and has a quaint gift shop where you can purchase arts and crafts made by the many talented artists who are members of The Bowen.

Big Canoe Photography Club
A diverse collection of talented and budding photographers composed mainly of residents of the Big Canoe community near Jasper, Georgia.  The group is very active and engaged with monthly meetings, occasional photographic outings, semiannual exhibits, informative/educational guest speakers, and more.  Check them out!

North Georgia Photography Club
Another wonderful photography club located in north Georgia in the town of Dahlonega.  Monthly meetings, photo challenges, instructional guest speakers, photo outings and more.  Photographers of every level can benefit from membership in a photography club.