People and Events
Many times it is useful to include people in commercial photography.  This may be done for a wide range of purposes including showing scale/size, demonstrations, people at work, and environmental portraits.  These images are used increasingly on social media sites as well as the business owner's website, marketing materials, annual reports, business cards, and more.  A business owner can email a picture of a service technician so the customer recognizes him when he reaches the  facility.  There are dozens of practical uses for professionally captured images.

Businesses or organizations frequently host events ranging from grand openings, product or service rollouts, and social networking functions to holiday-themed events.  Although many of the guests and attendees may have cameras (or phones, these days) and capture hundreds of images, an owner may want higher quality images from someone with professional equipment whose job it is to capture a well-balanced group of targeted images covering the event.  It can also be a nice "treat" to provide prints to special guests or even offer onsite printing for semi/formal functions.

The options and potential uses are endless.

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