Parts and Equipment
Photographing parts and equipment can be a real challenge to pros and amateurs alike.  The goal is typically a level of precision and accuracy most are unable to attain in the best of environments; and in many cases, that is not the location where these items are available for photographing. 

Although we can and occasionally do photograph parts on location, we prefer handling this task in a studio environment.  This allows us to control every aspect of the photographic process and yields crisp, properly exposed and color correct images.  We can also swap background cloths to see what color/style produces the best contrast to make your parts really pop.  Or, the goal may be to create an image that will allow a clean extraction of the part from the rest of the scene adding to the number and types of uses.

Equipment can be large or small and is seldom available to move to a studio environment.  Reasons to photograph equipment can include website or other electronic presentation, sales/marketing materials, technical handbooks/manuals, and many others.  They may be shot in a semi-sterile environment or in use in their natural location.  Lighting and angles are very important particularly on glass or other reflective surfaces.  In some cases, we may take 5 or more images from the same position using identical settings while moving a backdrop to different positions.  Ultimately, these images are blended together to produce a seamless photograph with the appearance of one huge backdrop eliminating all of the clutter and distractions of the actual location.

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