Products & Food
Compelling images of your business products, whether they are food items, boxed/packaged products or any other form of offering your business carries, are important tools in your marketing campaign to differentiate your business from your competition.  Images can be used for brochures, posters/displays, websites and other electronic formats, postcards and a host of other media types.  We not only take special care in the proper capture of your products, but we also special-purpose the images - making sure they are of the proper size and type for web display, inkjet printing, or high-volume (CMYK) runs.  Images may be sent to magazines to accompany an article about your business, and the exacting standards used by quality publications require only the best images.

We can do this work at your location or at our studio.  The equipment and lighting needed to produce crisp, properly exposed shots with various colors of backdrops and items for stylizing make the studio option the best choice.  But, there are always situations where location work fits the client's needs and we are always happy to accommodate such requests.  Our always-free initial consultation is useful for reviewing the location where this work would be completed to ensure we have the best tools for the job.

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Food 1

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Food 2

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Product 1

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Product 2

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Product 3

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Product 4

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Product 5

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Product 6

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Product 7

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Product 8

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Product 9

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Product 10