Commercial Exteriors
Exterior views of commercial facilities serve many purposes. They may be used to market a facility or business for sale, promote an area as a good place to locate a business or purchase a new home, or as classic examples of work an architect or builder might perform.  Most often they are used by the  owner to market their business to the public.  Any or all of these entities might use images for websites or other electronic media, banners or displays, brochures or rack cards, or even fine art prints to hang in their facility.  Using professional photographs tells your customers/clients that you care about your image, and this nearly always communicates pride and commitment in the way you conduct your business.
Image 4-1
Commercial Ext 1

Image 4-2
Commercial Ext 2

Image 4-3
Commercial Ext 3

Image 4-4
Commercial Ext 4

Image 4-5
Commercial Ext 5

Image 4-6
Commercial Ext 6

Image 4-7
Commercial Ext 7

Image 4-8
Commercial Ext 8

Image 4-9
Commercial Ext 9

Image 4-10
Commercial Ext 10

Image 4-11
Commercial Ext 11

Image 4-12
Commercial Ext 12