Commercial Interiors
Following are 12 examples of commercial interiors.  The main idea is to communicate the ambience of the interior to the viewer with as few distractions as possible.  The first image is the interior of a large Methodist church near Atlanta. Even without worshipers one feels a sense of peace here. 

The next two are elegant curving staircases in the Extension of the Texas State Capital.  The curving lines draw in the eye and create movement.  Interior IV is inside the Dawson County Government Center. 

Interior V-IX are from a couple of veterinary clinics.  The exam, surgery, and kennel areas are well lit and present a sense of peaceful, gentle places for potentially frightened animals. 

The next two images are from a local health and beauty spa.  The lighting and colors are soothing and relaxing, creating a welcoming environment and encouraging customers to come in and relax. 

The last image is in a restaurant in an old building in Kentucky.  Natural light coming in from the window to the left lends texture and tone to this lovely scene.  Make one want to have a nice, relaxing meal here.  That door to the kitchen was so busy and opened so often it was tough to get this shot without people in it!

Image 3-1
Interior I

Image 3-2
Interior II

Image 3-3
Interior III

Image 3-4
Interior IV

Image 3-5
Interior V

Image 3-6
Interior VI

Image 3-7
Interior VII

Image 3-8
Interior VIII

Image 3-9
Interior IX

Image 3-10
Interior X

Image 3-11
Interior XI

Image 3-12
Interior XII