Residential Exteriors
Residential exteriors may be grand shots showing curb appeal, entrances and approaches, standard elevation views or property amenities.  On occasion, detail shots are included to illustrate the quality of individual components such as hinges, windows, shutters and such.  Care must always be exercised to ensure the true colors are rendered.  Lighting plays a crucial role in preserving the contrast and details as well as adding drama and "pop" when it adds to the presentation.  Scouting is often required although new Internet-based tools can be a great predictor as to the best time of day for a particular vantage point.  Depending on the intended use(s) for the images, more than one trip may be needed to capture a home's unique elements and beauty.
Image 2-1
Exterior 1

Image 2-2
Exterior 2

Image 2-3
Exterior 3

Image 2-4
Exterior 4

Image 2-5
Exterior 5

Image 2-6
Exterior 6

Image 2-7
Exterior 7

Image 2-8
Exterior 8

Image 2-9
Exterior 9

Image 2-10
Exterior 10

Image 2-11
Exterior 11

Image 2-12
Exterior 12