Residential Interiors
The 12 images below depict various residential interior shots.  The goal is to keep the lines straight and minimize distortion to present a natural, "as seen by the eye," look.  We also strive to create a dramatic but realistic look by applying artificial light only when and where necessary.  The best flash lighting occurs where you can't tell it was used.

Another challenging situation for many photographers is very small spaces such as hall bathrooms (see Interior IV).  We use very wide angle lenses to capture the entire room, special techniques to ensure flash (if used) does not show and then correct for the typical distortion often seen in these situations.  It works for corner tubs and even custom showers!  Of course there is the use of the odd angle (Interior VII) to attain an artistic look at a room.

In some cases, the outdoors is part of an interior scene.  Lighting judiciously results in there not being such bright windows that the outdoor scene can not come indoors. 

Lastly, it is important to examine the scene for problems that can be corrected before the image is captured.  Careful and judicious staging helps immensely to create an inviting environment.  Clutter, cords, and other visual distractions should be eliminated through removal or recomposing the scene.  Only when these efforts are unsuccessful and the distraction is prominent is Photoshop or other corrective techniques applied.

Image 1-1
Interior 1

Image 1-2
Interior 2

Image 1-3
Interior 3

Image 1-4
Interior 4

Image 1-5
Interior 5

Image 1-6
Interior 6

Image 1-7
Interior 7

Image 1-8
Interior 8

Image 1-9
Interior 9

Image 1-10
Interior 10

Image 1-11
Interior 11

Image 1-12
Interior 12