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FAQ Section
Please click on the links below to view the FAQ answers.  This page will grow/evolve over time.


Do I do portraits and other people photos?
People figure prominently in our commercial work where they are included in their environment. We also do individual photos (headshots) and group shots for use in marketing and other business related products. These can be done on location or in our studio, with or without professional backdrops.

How do you charge for your photographic services?
This is always a challenging question to answer as there are so many variables in pricing a shoot. We always give free estimates and most often do an initial onsite consultation (also no charge) to help formulate an accurate cost. Here are some of the factors:

1. There is typically an hourly fee component to all of our shoots.
2. The time starts when we arrive at your location and ends when we leave.
3. There is no charge for local travel which we consider to be 25 miles one-way We charge a nominal mileage fee for distances in excess of 50 miles roundtrip.
4. The hourly fee generally covers all post-capture processing required to render the images suitable for your intended purposes. This includes any exposure or color correction as well as sizing and formatting for your needs.

Do you provide prints?
We provide professional printing services in connection with the work we do. These prints are discounted below our normal printing fees. We can print on a variety of photographic papers as well as canvas, satin fabric and other banner/display materials. Although we do not do our own framing we have business partnerships through which we can have your prints framed, stretched (in the case of canvas), or mounted (with or without lamination).

How long from the time that you shoot before you can expect to get your images?
Depending on the size and scope of the shoot we can normally furnish you an internet link to view candidate images in 48 hours. Once you have selected the images that you would like to use it takes up to another 48 hours for us to make all of the adjustments and furnish the images to you in the correct size and format.

How are images delivered?
We have an ftp service that allows us to send very large groups of files over the Internet. Although we can email single images or small groups of images our ftp system avoids all of the concerns most people have over the size of emails their systems can accommodate. Although this is a very safe and secure method of transmitting large files we do, upon request, furnish a backup set of images on a CD or DVD.

How do you conduct image review and selection?
There are a few different ways that we can do this and there are advantages of each. Quantity of images to review, the amount of editing that might need to be performed, the client's experience in evaluating images, and the purpose of the images are key factors. A brief list is below but we will explain the full benefits of each during our initial consultation.

1. Web-based Reviews: The quickest and easiest way is through a private web-based gallery. We prescreen images to ensure they meet our standards and your stated criteria. A gallery is uploaded to the Internet and then an instructional email, with a link, is sent to the client. This link will open a browser-based gallery containing all of the candidate images.
2. Web/Phone-based Reviews: Same as the above, but supplemented with a telephonic consultation. It is best if the client conducts an initial review and then schedules a phone consultation to resolve any questions.
3. Onsite/In Person. While we can do this at the client's location we recommend this review be conducted in our home studio where optimal lighting and color calibrated equipment are available.
4. Print-based Reviews: We can send proof sheets containing small versions of the images to be reviewed. There are costs associated with this style of review and the size of the images may be less useful than viewing them on a computer monitor.